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ViewLapse Pro

A Time Lapse Photography App (With A View)

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The iPhone has evolved into an impressive photography tool. In many situations, its built-in capabilities and image quality make it a viable substitute for larger dedicated cameras. An added benefit is that it frequently may be the only camera you have handy when an unexpected opportunity arrives. The ViewLapse Pro App leverages the iPhone’s versatility to provide solutions not even available on elaborate camera rigs. ViewLapse Pro is for serious Time Lapse photographers who would normally ply their craft with a DLSR, but want to take advantage of the portability and versatility that iPhone Photography can provide.
ViewLapse Pro is packed with features that are not available to the DSLR Time Lapse Photographer. One of ViewLapse Pro’s key features is the ability to generate a preview of the time lapse scene, on the fly, as you are shooting it. Instead of having to wait for the whole sequence to finish, ViewLapse Pro incrementally builds a preview as you shoot. Every time ViewLapse Pro accumulates another second’s worth of frames, it appends them onto the preview so that you can see how the scene is progressing. You don’t have to wait until the time lapse is finished to see how it is working! The preview can be shown either in a small window in the corner of the screen of as a full screen overlay. It loops continuously as you are shooting the sequence, getting a little longer every few seconds as you accumulate more images.

ViewLapse Pro also offers advanced features while shooting including the ability to gradually ramp the exposure up or down in 1 f-stop increments and the ability to add additional time to the sequence without interrupting the shooting. ViewLapse Pro uses the full 4032 x 3024 sensor of the iPhone allowing for cropping an panning in post production, even when working in 4K. It supports JPEG for images processed into Time Lapse video within the App, or RAW image support for projects requiring image processing and Time Lapse Assembly in post production using the same tools that DSLR Time Lapse Photographers are familiar with.

Since the entire 4:3 aspect ratio iPhone Sensor is used for image capture, ViewLapse Pro fully supports Anamorphic shooting for both In App and Post Production workflows. On screen 16:9 overlays are available to aid in composition for both In App video cropping or for Post Production cropping.
ViewLapse Pro Features:

• Real time self assembling preview of the Time Lapse
• Full manual Control of the camera, both Exposure and Focus
• Shoot in RAW (or JPEG if you insist)
• Customizable Presets for fast setup
• On screen counters and progress info
• Use the full iPhone Sensor for Anamorphic capability
• On Screen overlays for 16:9 cropping
• Intelligent interactive control of Interval, Frame Count, Scene Length and Shooting Time
• The ability to extend a Time Lapse Sequence while shooting
• The ability to slowly ramp the exposure up or down while shooting
• Control remotely via AppleWatch App
• Creates HD and 4K video clips within the App
• Saves high resolution still photos for Time Lapse Post Production

ViewLapse Pro On AppleWatch:
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An AppleWatch App is included with ViewLapse Pro. You can access functions for Start/Stop, Toggling the preview size from a small corner image to full screen, adding time to the sequence and exposure ramping right from your wrist, all without having to touch the iPhone while it is shooting.
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