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iPhone Time Lapse Photography

A definitive guide to getting professional Time Lapse Quality from your iPhone

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iPhone Time Lapse Photography is a guide to getting professional quality Time Lapse with your iPhone. It covers the full range of Time Lapse experiences from simple solutions for the very casual Time Lapse shooter all the way up to advanced techniques for high quality 4K Time Lapse.

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The exponential growth in photography can be clearly linked to the modern smartphone. Today, the majority of photographic enthusiasts don’t even own a dedicated camera. They rely on their phones, which are always handy, to provide the necessary hardware and apps to fill the niche that formerly requires a bulky and expensive camera kit. There is a definite growth path for photographers who may just start out taking the occasional snap or friends and holidays and find that they really enjoy the creativity afforded through photography. One rewarding branch of photography’s tree of creativity is Time Lapse. It allows the photographer to compress time and make the imperceptibly slow become visible. This has been the realm of expensive DSLR systems for the last few years, but the recent evolution of the cameras in smartphones have made them a viable alternative. Now, more than ever, your iPhone is a powerful Time Lapse machine
iPhone Time Lapse Photography is organized in three sections. The first section is on making Time Lapse video scenes with your iPhone the easy way. This section is for casual users who really don't want to spend a lot of time on Time Lapse or learn a lot of techniques. Maybe just for something different in a social media post or to spice up a vacation video. In the first section, nothing more complicated than tapping a button on the screen is necessary.

The second section covers making Time Lapse videos with your iPhone the not so easy way. The techniques discussed for making Time Lapse videos in this section are not really difficult, but they do rely on some thought, creativity and more hands on intervention on your part. The rewards, however, are immense. You can achieve quality that is an order of magnitude better. It is entirely possible to produce Time Lapse with your iPhone that looks like it was made with a DSLR. But you've gotta work for it, and this section outlines what you need to do.

The third section of the book covers the use of the iPhone Time Lapse App called ViewLapse. If you have ViewLapse on your iPhone, you can think of this section as a detailed manual and key to unlocking the full versatility of the App which was designed specifically to solve all of the needs of Time Lapse production as described in section 2.

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