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New App Online Now

I have just received notification that my new App for doing Time Lapse with RED Digital Cinema cameras is now on the iTunes App Store. You can see it at the following link: RedLapse

New RED Time Lapse App

I haven’t been blogging on this site for quite awhile, most of my projects seemed to fall more in the realm of the FishTalesFilms blog space. But I do have a new App that I’ve just submitted to Apple for the App store and I’ve put up a new page on this site with info about it. The App is called RedLapse and it’s a Time Lapse tool designed specifically for RED digital cinema cameras. The App has been “finished” for a couple weeks and I’ve just been working on UI tweaks, cosmetics and going through Apple’s hoops. It’s now in the Review process and I will update the status as necessary both here and on the FishTalesFilms blog.

UW Photo Simulator Approved for iTunes App Store

June 3 2010, Apple has approved my UW Photo Simulator app for inclusion in the iTunes App Store. This version is for iPhone or iPod Touch devices and it will go active June 10.

Everything at Publisher

Both eBook and print versions of the two new titles are at the publisher as of May 26. The proofs of the eBook versions have already ben generated and approved so I expect them to be available online around the first week of June. I put a “street date” of June 8 on them, but I’m not sure what actual effect that has on availability. I expect the proofs of the print versions to be waiting for me when I get back to the US on June 8 and if there are no problems, the print version should be available immediately after. I will also have one ePub version available on June 8, but I’m not sure yet how it will be distributed. I have applied to distribute directly to the Apple iBookstore, but if the FishTales Press “catalog” is too small for direct inclusion, I may distribute the ePub version through Ingram. More on that subject later.

Books out for proof reading

I have a fine bunch of volunteer proof readers from Wetpixel, and copies of both books are out for proofing now. everything should be at the publisher by mid May. I expect to have a stack of finished books waiting for me when I return to the US in the first week of June.

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